A believer in love..

Love comes in all shapes and sizes; it can hit you when you least expect it, it can slowly blossom over years, and it can be sat right in front of you all along. No love is the same, no two people are the same, and the celebration of that love is unique to each of us.

Welcome to my wonderful world of Monkeymole Photography. Over the years I've strived to capture love in its truest essence; the smiles, the tears, and the abundance of love & laughter on wedding days. I hope as you browse through my corner of the internet, you enjoy a look over the fence at some of the magical days I've had the honour of capturing.

"He's the most inconspicuous giant I've ever met, somehow sneaking around capturing moments without us knowing! Even the guests comments how brilliant he was with them all."

"It turns out we didn't just hire an epic photographer, but also a hairdresser, taxi driver, florist, and seamstress (no I'm not joking!). Thank you for keeping our day together!!"