I’m a husband, dad to Ginge the 1.5 eared rescue cat, an avid traveller, a lover of anything carbohydrate-based, and a collector of camera stuff.

I’m based in the sleepy village of Shirland, in North East Derbyshire – there’s some wonderful pubs on our doorstep (that know me a little too well..) if you’re in the area and fancy a tipple.

I’m not what you’d call your typical wedding photographer; I’ll sneak a whisky in with the groom, lace the bridesmaids Haribo, and pull out some seriously dodgy moves on the dance floor.

Even after years of capturing weddings - I love each one as much of the first. The fact that I get paid to party with groups of brilliant people sort of feels a bit like cheating - I'm convinced one day a couple will say "Shouldn't you be paying us for having such a blast of a day?", and they'd probably be right (if only a mortgage didn't need paying).


Introducing your wedding zen master.

I'm quite often referred to as the single most calming influence you'll have on the day. I've an unflappable level of chill, which is mainly down to the preparation done before the day. On the run up to the day, I spend a lot of time with clients covering off questionnaires, ensuring I know every little detail that needs to be captured on the day.

I'm also a big believer of 'no forced posing'. Spending the day on a Next catalogue photoshoot shouldn't be prioritised over celebrating with your friends and family. I make the promise that the whole photography experience is mega relaxed (and actually quite fun).

If you're looking for a photographer but thinking "I really want some blockbuster pictures of the day, but I really don't like having my picture taken", you've come to the right place.


If I was to try and put my photography into a certain style, I'd class it as "guided reportage".

Thanks to some eye-wateringly expensive cameras, for 95% of the day, you don't even know your picture is being taken (as they're totally silent) - if I wasn't a bit of a giant, you wouldn't even know I was there!

The focus really is capturing the day as it happens. All of the laughs, tears, smiles, and smooches you'll see from me are all natural. It's real people showing real emotion, and I can't think of any better way to reflect back on your day.

There's always the odd moment where a bit of guidance ensures we nail the photograph, but don't go thinking it's like you've seen elsewhere with poses like a game of Twister - we keep things fun and natural.

Erm, Monkeymole..?

Okay, so here goes. The brand is named after my rather wonderful wife, who is the inspiration behind me taking a leap of faith into life as a wedding photographer.

After capturing a few friends weddings, I started receiving a few "I don't suppose you fancy capturing our wedding too?" type messages, which I initially dismissed. It was only when the wife told me she'd booked me two weddings, that I really didn't have a choice.. (I do love capturing weddings - honest!).

As such, I needed a brand, and wanted to incorporate the wife. Those that have met her, will know during the day she typifies a monkey; bundles of energy, lots of noise, and thinks I'm a 6ft5 climbing frame. The mornings however, she's a newly born mole; barely moves, doesn't make a peep, and can barely open those little eyes!

From there, Monkeymole was born..